Fine Art Beautifully Hand Drawn Wedding Guest Book Trees - Truly One-Of-A-Kind - All Branches with LOVE!

Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Cards, Hand Lettered Wedding Decor, Calligraphy Wedding Invites, Hand Painted Wedding Guestbook Trees, Beautiful Art Prints...
Your big day + Our unique designs = Your One Of A Kind Wedding Celebration!

Hello :)

I am Helen. I do drawings, graphic designs, calligraphy...

To make your wedding beautiful and special, I elaborately design cards with elegant, modern or rustic styles. Each card design is unique, beautiful, full of delightful joy and sparkling. With meticulously attention to detail, our wedding cards are just lovely gorgeous! For sure to impress your guests.

You will find our wedding cards with various styles: unique, fun, bold, classic, elegant, rustic, modern, chic, Bohemia, or whimsical.

I love to create / design things more beautiful and enjoyable; and believe in high quality materials, one of a kind, beautiful design, obsessed with perfection. I design, hand craft each item at my studio, and carefully pack ship each order. So you can rest assured, at GladPaper, you will enjoy the best wedding cards with lower price.

Enjoy Your Shopping!


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